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The Wonderful World of Winter Home Sales

The Wonderful World of Winter Home Sales

If you are thinking of selling your home in the winter, I have great news for you – there are a number of advantages that can help you create a positive and lucrative selling experience.

While braving the cold months of December and January – remember that the Real Estate Market in Ontario is often feeling HOT HOT HOT during these months? That’s right, the market is a buzz as we Canadian’s do not shy away from a good snowy sale.

Understanding Today’s Housing Market By Jessica Lambert

Every day in my business I am asked several questions by prospective Buyers and Sellers who are really trying to UNDERSTAND today’s market, and how they fit into the mix.


This blog post is meant to be quick, simple, and shed some light on some Frequently Asked Questions – from my personal prospective as a Real Estate Sales Representative in Ontario Canada, and informed by real estate reports such as Market Watch issued by Toronto Real Estate Board.


Question 1 – where have all the homes gone.

How to Find Foreclosures in Your Dream Location

Are You Looking for a Deal?


Do you want to be one of the first buyers to find out about foreclosures in your desired location?


Then I have the tool for you!


After being approached many times about how to find foreclosures, I needed to make this hot tool available to my friends, family, clients and supporters.


Never wonder how to access foreclosures again.


Are Your Neighbors Selling Their Home?

As a Real Estate Salesperson I am often asked to find out if someone’s neighbors are selling their home, and how much neighbors are selling for.

People want to know when a house on their street comes out on the market.

They really want to know the list and sale price.

I am happy to find this information out, and set up alerts for my clients.

This business is all about quality client care, and I am happy to go above and beyond to make YOU, the client, happy.

Benefits of using a Realtor when Buying and Selling Your Home - by CREA

This article was found on the CREA website see: 

It is important to understand WHY usings a Realtor is a value add, and that not every Real Estate Agent is a Realtor. 

As a member of CREA, I am a proud Realtor ready to serve you! To discuss your buying and selling needs contact me directly at or call 647-987-9737.

Number One Mistake Seller’s Make when Selling Their Home

A Seller’s biggest mistake

If you’re thinking of selling your home, you'll probably be interested in knowing about one of the most common mistakes homeowners make when they decide to sell their property. When the time comes to sell, everyone wants to get the best possible price for their home, but you need to carefully consider what sale price will ultimately net you the best result. Getting it wrong could result in a loss of what could amount to several thousand dollars in most major Canadian markets.

The Seller's Advantage

The Seller’s Advantage

By Jessica Lambert, Real Estate Sales Representative


I got into Real Estate because I have a passion for helping people. Real Estate is, for many, the largest purchase you will make in your lifetime and I want to help make that process a comfortable and successful one.

Homebuyer Tips for Couples with Jessica Lambert

For most couples, buying a home is the most significant purchase they will ever make together.  While the prospect of owning a home is an exciting one, it can often seem overwhelming, especially for those who are new to the real estate process.   From selecting a neighbourhood to deciding how to use a spare room, navigating the world of homeownership together requires some extra work. However, couples will be thankful they put in the additional time and effort when the “sold” sign is posted on the home of their dreams.


Buy or Rent – What’s right for you?

Many people ask me if I think Buying or Renting is best for them. The truth is - the answer depends entirely on the individual and their situation. A variety of considerations come into play including down payment vs first and last month's rent, if they can become mortgage approved or if there is work to do for future planning, and how comfortable they are with home ownership. 

All things being equal, if someone CAN afford to puchase a home, there are many sound reasons that may be the best thing to do - one of the most compelling pro-ownership reasons being EQUITY!

Are you ready to buy a vacation or investment property?

Canada’s ‘baby boomer’ generation is the most affluent group ever seen in Canada.  The ‘boomers’ have either already inherited, or are poised to inherit, their parents’ wealth.  The result is a transfer of assets and an increase in discretionary income on a scope never before seen in this country.  And many of these newly affluent people are deciding to invest in a second property – either a vacation home such as a cottage or ski chalet, or an investment property to appreciate in value, or generate rental income.

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